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Treasure ingredient Ectoin

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Did you know? Up to 80% of facial aging can be attributed to photoaging!

Symptoms that appear in photoaging include discoloration starting around age 35, deep and large wrinkles, roughness and dullness of the skin, and symptoms appearing in areas exposed to UV rays.

Research data shows that skin aging, 20% is due to ageing brought about by endogenous aging (i.e. natural aging), while 80% is caused by external stimulation of exogenous aging (i.e. photoaging).

Therefore, the fight against photoaging, is an insurmountable problem of anti-aging forever.

If a product contains most of the active ingredients your skin needs to protect it from UV rays and nourish it with antioxidants, wouldn't that save you a lot of trouble as an oily skinner?

So this is the time when Ectoin stands alone, the new darling of the cosmetic world - Ectoin is the ultimate in beauty and skincare ingredients, often used in high-end cosmetics to protect against the damage caused by dryness, UV rays and blue light.

Ectoin, also known as "salt-tolerant bacterial extract", has the scientific name of tetrahydromethylpyrimidinecarboxylic acid and is derived from the highly saline bacterium (Halomonas elongata) from the Salar de Uyuni, the "mirror of the sky" in Bolivia. Halomonas Elongata, an amino acid derivative, is a cyclic amino acid.

This treasure ingredient did not come easily, as it was originally found in the extreme salinity of the salt lakes of Egypt, an untouched and extreme environment.

Salt lakes and deserts are some of the harshest environments on the planet. Amazingly, despite these deadly conditions, there has been life in such environments for millions of years. Highly adapted bacteria, also known as extremophiles, continue to grow well under conditions of dryness, high salinity and extreme temperature changes.

All of this is due to the water retention function of Ectoin, a treasure ingredient.

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