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Introduction to Ectoine

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Ectoine was first discovered in the salinophilic Erythrospira vulgaris (which prefers to live in extreme salt environments with high pH in the ocean), a cyclic amino acid that is the main osmolarity compensating solute in moderately salinophilic bacteria.

Ectoine, also known as "salt-tolerant bacterial extract", has the scientific name of tetrahydromethylpyrimidinecarboxylic acid. It is a small molecule hydrophilic cyclic amino acid that can be applied to the skin as a skin care ingredient to actively surround the skin cells while absorbing water molecules, forming a hard "small shield" to create a good resting environment for the skin, so that the cells are no longer bare to UV rays, air pollution, chemical stimulation and other damage, and to improve the skin's own natural healing power. The skin's own natural healing power is enhanced.

The history of Ectoine can be traced back to 1985, when Professor Galinski discovered in the Egyptian desert that the desert salinity bacteria still grow well under the harsh environmental conditions of high temperature, dryness, strong UV irradiation and high salinity, and produced a natural protective ingredient, Ecdysone, in the outer layer of cells, surprising its Excellent self-repair ability, after scientists continue to study in depth, found that this ingredient not only has a strong anti-stress, very good repair power in addition, but also proved to be effective in repairing the skin barrier. It has since been found in salt flats, salt lakes, and seawater one after another.

Ectoine is able to act as a stabilizer to protect enzymes, DNA, cells, etc. against high salt, dryness, freezing, high temperature and other adverse environments, acting as an anti-reverse aid. In cosmetics, Ectoine can enhance the immune protection ability of skin cells and has a good anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory effect; it increases the cell repair ability, so that the skin can effectively fight against the invasion of microorganisms and allergens, and has a good protection and repair effect on the skin. In the fight against UV rays, ectoin can repair cellular DNA damage caused by UV rays, effectively reduce the production of sun-damaged cells and prevent damage to cell membrane structure.

Ectoine's main effects

① Moisturizing

Ectoine is an important substance for maintaining osmotic pressure balance, and its unique molecular structure gives it a strong ability to complex water molecules; one molecule of Ecdysone can complex four or five water molecules, structuring free water in cells, reducing water evaporation from the skin, and improving the skin's ability to hold water continuously, making it an excellent moisturizer.

② Repair

Ectoine can effectively enhance the immune protection ability of skin cells, increase the cell repair ability, so that the skin can effectively fight against the invasion of microorganisms and allergens, for skin peeling, redness and other unstable conditions can play a good repair effect, in order to achieve the role of repairing the barrier.

③ Anti-UV and photo-aging 

Ectoine has the ability to defend against UV rays and resist decay, and can repair cellular DNA damage caused by UV rays, effectively reducing the generation of sun-damaged cells and preventing damage to cell membrane structures, so it is also added to skin care products as an excellent anti-photo-aging ingredient.

④ Anti-radiation pollution

The anti-pollution efficacy of Ectoine has been confirmed by numerous studies that it is the only anti-pollution active ingredient. PM2.5, blue light, and infrared light are essentially similar to UV damage, and ectoin works in the same way to protect skin and cellular DNA from radiation damage and avoid DNA strand breakage caused by ionizing electron radiation.

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