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  • What Makes Yaosynbio Pro-Xylane So Magical and Effective?


    YaoSynbio Pro-Xylane, named as Syn-Xylane, has moisturizing, enhanced skin elasticity, and improved skin texture effects. It promotes the regeneration of aging tissues, allowing the skin to regain its youthful feeling. Read More

  • Can Ectoin become an evergreen ingredient?


    4、Ecodoin out of the loop? Can it become the evergreen tree of efficacious ingredients?In recent years, under the "domination" of A alcohol, Boswellin, peptides and other anti-aging ingredients giants, ikedoin has a breakout trend. The "leader of the skincare industry", "miracle ingredient", "all-ro Read More

  • Introduction to Ectoine


    Ectoine was first discovered in the salinophilic Erythrospira vulgaris (which prefers to live in extreme salt environments with high pH in the ocean), a cyclic amino acid that is the main osmolarity compensating solute in moderately salinophilic bacteria.Ectoine, also known as "salt-tolerant bacteri Read More

  • The evergreen representative of anti-inflammatory ingredients: oil olive extract


    It is mainly distributed in the Mediterranean countries of Europe and the California region of the United States, mainly using the fresh fruit to process into olive oil, which is known as the "queen of vegetable oils". Modern biotechnological analysis shows that the active substances in olive leaf a Read More

  • Ergothioneine, the "king" of antioxidants


    What is ergothioneine?Ergothioneine is a rare natural oxidant, a substance that activates cells. Although it is very effective, our body cannot synthesize ergothioneine itself, but can only ingest it from the diet through its transporter protein OCTN1. That external source is usually consumed in mus Read More

  • Cellular Anti-Aging Solution Pathway


    1. Intracellular molecular level changes1) DNA: Replication and transcription are inhibited, telomeric DNA is lost, mitochondrial DNA is specifically missing, DNA is oxidatively cross-linked by free radicals, and methylation is reducedSolution pathway: DNA protection; mitochondrial repair: ergothion Read More

  • The "sacred" about Ectoin


    1、In 1985, a German scientist, Professor Galinski, discovered salinophilic bacteria in the salt lake of Wadi Natron Desert in Egypt. Salinophilic bacteria produce Ectoin, a natural protective component in the outer layer of cells under high temperature, dryness, strong UV radiation and high salinity Read More

  • OnenessPoint is breaking the industry barriers of Ectoin


    Starting from 2019, the patent protection of ikedoin gradually expires. The price of ikedoin in the global market is also reduced from the previous 12,000 to 15,000 yuan/kg to 10,000 to 13,000 yuan/kg, but the price is still very unsatisfactory for the market demand side. It is gratifying to note th Read More

  • Treasure ingredient Ectoin


    Did you know? Up to 80% of facial aging can be attributed to photoaging!Symptoms that appear in photoaging include discoloration starting around age 35, deep and large wrinkles, roughness and dullness of the skin, and symptoms appearing in areas exposed to UV rays. Read More

  • Ectoin will definitely bring surprises to the whole cosmetic market.


    Excellent water molecule conjugation ability - isolating the source of irritationEctoin is a cyclized amino acid derivative, its ring structure has strong electronegativity and good hydrophilicity, which can make water molecules oriented around it and change the spatial arrangement of water molecule Read More

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