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OnenessPoint is breaking the industry barriers of Ectoin

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Starting from 2019, the patent protection of ikedoin gradually expires. The price of Ectoin in the global market is also reduced from the previous 12,000 to 15,000 CNY/kg to 10,000 to 13,000 CNY/kg, but the price is still very unsatisfactory for the market demand side. It is gratifying to note that in recent years, there are relevant domestic enterprises based on traditional technology to develop and form a certain scale of production of Ectoin, while the raw material price of domestic ikedoin is between RMB 4,000 to 8,000/kg.

At the actual product application end, with the gradual rise of the market boom, consumers' understanding of Ectoin, a miraculous natural moisturizing factor, has become more and more profound, and Ectoin has started to be commonly used in various brands, with brands competing to start promoting the layout of the product application of Ectoin as an efficacious ingredient, mainly focusing on three major categories: sunscreen, essence and cream; it is worth noting that although a large amount of scientific research data proves that It is worth noting that although a large amount of scientific research data proves that 0.5% of the added amount of ectoin can play a relatively good effect; however, in most products, may be limited by cost pressure, Ectoin is not used as a core efficacy ingredient.

In response to the current market situation, with the continuous promotion of biosynthesis technology in recent years, many domestic enterprises and research teams are actively seeking ways to optimize the preparation method and reduce the production cost of Ectoin, and have turned their attention to synthetic biology. Among them, synthetic biology whole industry chain company - OnenessPoint relies on biosynthesis technology and develops and produces the core product Ectoin through green biofermentation technology, which shows higher quality, safer and more efficient, more environmental friendly and lower cost raw material price space, and strives to bring better products to more consumers.

OnenessPoint has been devoted to promote the application of Ectoin products from concept addition, basic addition to efficacy addition. Based on the principle of synthesizing Ectoin by genetic engineering modification technology and green microbial fermentation technology, they have optimized several key enzymes of Ectoin biosynthesis pathway in an efficient and targeted manner through high-throughput enzyme directed evolution technology. Based on the synthetic biology method, the production of Ectoin has a series of advantages such as high synthetic efficiency, good selectivity, high purity and low cost. According to the research and development results and the actual mass production results, the fermentation yield of Ectoin can reach more than 100g/L and the extraction purity is ≥99%; relying on the advantages of biosynthesis technology, the price of Ectoin products of OnenessPoint is also very competitive and much lower than the current market price. There are four aspects in the process development of OnenessPoint's Ectoin products: firstly, the bottom strain is independently screened and optimized; secondly, the continuous fermentation technology is used for continuous fermentation, which is more efficient and safe; thirdly, the extraction is carried out by simulated moving bed separation technology, which is lower in cost; fourthly, the technology has independent R&D intellectual property and R&D patents, which is of better quality.

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