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Whitening Market and Development Trend

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Trends in Whitening Technology

Excellent products need to be polished in multiple ways. With the gradual rationalization of the market, consumers are more willing to pay for the effective product power. Therefore, in addition to digging deeper in the use of scenarios, for whitening products, a category with relatively in-depth mechanistic research, the development phase of the product should focus more on the logic of the formula and the actual efficacy of the product. For example, when MC1R in melanocyte membrane activates PKA signal, which leads to MITF factor activation and thus increases melanin synthesis and transport, YUANG et al. found that spiny mouse signal protein can induce brown melanin production and can down-regulate The expression of MITF induced by ɑ-MSH reduces the expression of tyrosinase and related enzymes to decrease the synthesis of true melanin.

The discovery of new mechanisms will drive the development of the industry, and the emergence of more key targets will lay the foundation for diversified improvement of whitening efficiency; multi-dimensional, multi-target and multi-mechanism synergistic inhibition of melanin through the processes of reducing the signal response of melanin synthesis-related enzymes, selectively enhancing the rate of brown melanin production, competitively inhibiting the conversion of substrates, rapidly reducing intermediates, and enhancing epidermal metabolism will be the whitening products future development idea. 

In addition, with the continuous progress in the field of dermatology, scientists found that, as the body's natural barrier, the skin also has a certain blocking effect on the efficacy of ingredients, many efficacy ingredients, although excellent performance in isolation experiments, but its molecular weight is too large, weak polarity and other issues that make it difficult to penetrate into the epidermis to play a role, so that the efficacy of ingredients "in vain This makes the efficacy of the ingredients "vain". Therefore, whitening products should not only pursue in vitro performance, but also pay more attention to the performance of the ingredients in the formulation.

For example, comparing the transdermal absorption of 1% tetracycline hydrochloride in microemulsion, gel and cream, we found that the transdermal absorption rate of the active ingredient was highest when microemulsion was used as excipient. For example, the addition of menthol and eucalyptus oil to the formulation can form hydrogen bonds with ceramide molecules and disrupt the structure of the stratum corneum lipid network, thereby enhancing skin penetration of the active active ingredient. Thus, when building formulations, developers should include the affinity, permeability, efficacy and mildness of the product in the epidermis as dimensions to evaluate whether the formulation is truly useful. Compared with the simple addition of efficacious ingredients, how to design the formula to maximize the efficacious ingredients to give full play to their functions at the target site should be the direction of further development of whitening products. Real and effective clinical experimental data will provide support for the actual use of the product and effectively avoid the embarrassing situation that the efficacious ingredients have excellent in vitro experimental data but are difficult to work in the clinical use process.

Whitening Market Trends

The market competition for whitening products is becoming increasingly fierce, and consumers' needs are gradually refined. When planning products, brands should dig deeper into the consumer groups and usage scenarios, and put more thought into the selection of dosage forms, the construction of usage methods, the use of efficacious ingredients, the control of skin feel, and the design of appearance. 

Take outdoor sports enthusiasts as an example, these consumers are exposed to strong sunlight for a long time and have more possibilities of sunburn and tanning, so when designing whitening products for these consumers, whitening, soothing and repairing effects should be considered together to comprehensively solve the problem of sunburn and tanning. 

In terms of dosage form, choose a hypoallergenic and low irritation formula, and target the formula to reduce the addition of irritating ingredients such as fragrances and emulsifiers to prevent certain irritating ingredients from aggravating the skin problem after the skin is sunburned. 

Prefer outdoor people prefer nature, choose natural efficacy ingredients and with environmentally friendly, recyclable type of raw materials and packaging materials more in the heart level to draw closer to the consumer distance. For the convenience of carrying, you can try to choose small packages, or disposable trial packs, both in line with the use habits of the target group, while reducing the cost of first use, in order to obtain more potential customers.

As the online channel continues to grow and the marketing game gradually innovates, new brands are springing up, and the emergence of a large number of new brands and new products brings consumers a clear willingness to try new products, but the stickiness between them and the brand is poor. If we can bundle the product with the usage scenario, we can use the deep impression of the product usage scenario to enhance consumers' recognition and loyalty to the product, thus bringing the product repurchase rate.

This will lead to product repurchase rate. Therefore, the deep excavation of the whitening scene in consumers' lives and the creation of products more suitable for the scene may become a key concern for brands. For example, as the pace of life accelerates, consumers spend more and more time using electronic products, and stay up late, work pressure brings a lot of burden to the body, these superimposed problems will reduce the skin's resistance, making the skin vulnerable to the external environment, which brings dull skin tone, yellowing, sensitive redness, easy to break out.

The skin is susceptible to external environmental aggressions, resulting in dull, yellow, sensitive, red, oily, acne prone and other skin problems. Therefore, in the face of the "late night party" and "working people", we should consider the elements of whitening, anti-aging and balancing the skin's water and oil status, and introduce products that improve skin tone in multiple aspects. The mechanism of action of most whitening ingredients is focused on inhibiting tyrosinase activity and melanin production, but the actual skin brightness is affected by multiple factors such as epidermal smoothness and collagen content in the skin, while some anti-aging and anti-wrinkle, anti-sugar and anti-yellowing ingredients can enhance skin flatness and remove skin yellowing, thus affecting the overall brightness of the skin and helping to realize consumers' demand for whitening. Thus, whitening products for late night party users can be compounded with peptides, vitamin C derivatives, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients. In addition, the "late night party" and "working people" are generally aged between 20-35 years old, with high acceptance of new things and strong willingness and ability to learn, so for these people, we can try to introduce more ingredients with strong sense of technology, such as 4- Some of the efficacy ingredients have a Nobel Prize background as a bonus, which can arouse the curiosity of consumers and generate the desire to buy. Optimizing the dosage form of the product to make it more suitable for consumers' usage habits can also bring more attention. Therefore, in the development of such products

The development process of these products should focus more on the optimization of product dosage forms and usage methods.

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