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The "sacred" about Ectoin

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In 1985, a German scientist, Professor Galinski, discovered salinophilic bacteria in the salt lake of Wadi Natron Desert in Egypt. Salinophilic bacteria produce Ectoin, a natural protective component in the outer layer of cells under high temperature, dryness, strong UV radiation and high salinity, thus enabling self-repair!

Ectoin, also known as tetrahydropyrimidinecarboxylic acid, is an amino acid derivative, a multifunctional active ingredient belonging to the extreme enzyme component, which can regulate cellular osmotic pressure, prevent and protect cells from damage, as well as provide repair and regenerative effects for cellular aging and transitional tension and irritation of the skin, and is a natural "shield" formed by salinophilic bacteria to adapt to extreme environments such as high temperature, high salt and strong UV radiation. It is a natural "shield" formed by the salt-loving bacteria to adapt to extreme environments such as high temperature, high salt, and strong UV rays.

In the application of cosmetics, after years of research and experimental results found that Ectoin has the efficacy of water locking and moisturizing, strengthening cell and barrier repair, resisting UV damage and even anti-aging wrinkle, of which the efficacy of moisturizing and barrier repair is the most popular and is also the two main effects that users are concerned about.

Super strong water locking and moisturizing ability: Ectoin has a unique high polarity molecular structure, so its water molecule complexation ability is strong, one molecule of ikedoin can complex four or five water molecules to help highly saline bacteria metabolize salt out of the cells after inhaling salt water, and at the same time form a "hydration shell" around the cells and proteins to reduce It also forms a "hydration shell" around the cells and proteins to reduce water loss from the skin. Because of this special protection mechanism, it is simple and effective in preventing stressors from damaging cells, such as UV radiation, pollutants, allergens, heat and cold, dryness or chemical irritation.

Accelerate cell and barrier repair: Ectoin can effectively enhance the immune protection of skin cells, increase cell repair ability, so that the skin can effectively fight against the invasion of microorganisms and allergens, for skin peeling, redness, fever and other conditions can play a good repair effect, accelerate the recovery of skin health.

Anti-UV damage: UV rays can cause photoaging and accelerate skin aging. And Ectoin stops the chain reaction triggered by UVA irradiation and prevents mt-DNA mutation induced by UVA; it can reduce the generation of second messenger induced by UVA in the cell membrane layer, reduce the activity of AP2 (Activated Activated Transcription Factor 2) in the protoplasmic layer provoked by UVA, and then reduce pro-inflammatory factors such as ICAM-1 (Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-1) in the cell nucleus. Related data show that 4.0% ecdysone reduces the formation of sun-damaged cells caused by UV exposure by 80% to 90%.

Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle: Through excellent long-lasting moisturizing effect, 0.5% added amount of Ectoin skin care products can significantly reduce the number of wrinkles after 4 weeks of use; reduce the depth and volume of wrinkles, and also improve the roughness of the skin and restore skin elasticity. 

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