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Superior moisturizing ingredients Ectoin

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Ectoin, filed as tetrahydromethylpyrimidinecarboxylic acid, has been included in the Catalogue of Used Cosmetic Ingredients (2021 Edition), is an important osmotic pressure compensating solute commonly found in salinophilic bacteria, Ectoin was first isolated by Galinski in 1985 in the salt lake of Wadi Natrun Desert, Egypt, in the extreme salinophilic exosulfur red snail bacteria It was the special environment of the desert salt lake, with its high temperature, dryness, high osmotic pressure and strong UV irradiation, that led to the production of this natural protective component in the outer cell layer.

Nowadays, with the development of modern industrial microbiology technology, Ectoin has entered the era of commercial production with a variety of high-yielding strains, together with the increasingly perfect fermentation and purification technology. The research work on ectoin has made it applied to enzyme preparation, biopharmaceutical and cosmetic related fields, especially in the field of cosmetics, as it has the potential of anti-aging, anti-UV, anti-oxidation, moisturizing and inhibiting inflammation, etc., which makes it favored by many cosmetic companies. Estee Lauder Rich Moisture Bamboo Water, Bedmar Cetaphil Sunscreen Spray, Shiseido Red Yeast Eye Serum, and many other major cosmetic brands have added ectoin.

After 2019, with the expiration of the PCT international patent for the use of Ectoin or Ectoin derivatives in cosmetic formulations applied for by Merck in 1999, major domestic manufacturers began to rapidly flood into this market, and the liberalization of the market also means more intense competition, which means that the price of Ectoin is gradually being rationalized. With Dior, Guerlain and other big brands adding Ectoin to their own products, local Chinese brands have also set off a boom of Ectoin, and the market has remained high. Then why can ikedoin stand out from many cosmetic ingredients and get the favor of major cosmetic manufacturers?

We will discuss this in the next article.

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