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Soy sauce powder

Soy sauce powder, also known as powdered soy sauce, is a solid soy sauce made by taking fresh soy sauce as the basic raw material, adding other auxiliary ingredients, using the multiplication of raw material flavor, flavoring, coloring, freshness, and spray drying. It retains the fermented flavor of common fermented soy sauce to the maximum extent and overcomes the burnt and oxidized taste of common soy sauce. It has good rehydration performance, attractive color, rich flavor, remarkable flavoring effect, and easy to store and transport. It is widely used in all aspects of seasoned food processing and is an important flavoring additive for the food industry.
Product NameSoy Sauce Powder
Product Type
100% soy sauce

Right amount added in the expanded food (such as extruded rice cake, senbei ,fry shrimp), the snack foods (such asBun-chip, potato chips, french fries), it can improve the taste, give food inviting aroma, and make food crisp as well as delicious. Added in flavor seasoning, hot pot and all kinds of convenient condiment powder bags, it can give food full-bodied soy sauce and ester fragrance. Added in the meat processing, pickled vegetables, it can provide the food with delicious taste, balance the flavors, remove fishlike smell and grease as well as covering up the peculiar smell.


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