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Some discussions about sensitive skin care

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In recent years, due to the rapid changes in lifestyle and social culture, the domestic beauty market driven by the "value economy" is developing at a rapid pace, in which "sensitive skin" as a hot topic of skin care is widely known and concerned, only 21 years of amoy sensitive skin-related consumer population has reached tens of millions, and is still growing at a high rate. The number of consumers related to sensitive skin has reached tens of millions, and is still in a high growth state. Behind the huge number of consumers, their consumption motives are different, and their consumption needs are becoming more and more diverse.

As the topic of sensitive skin continues to ferment on the Internet, the needs of the sensitive skin group behind it have also received widespread attention. In recent years, domestic and foreign professional research institutes and hospitals have conducted a lot of special research on sensitive skin problems; several professional skin care brands have been increasing their investment to develop and market a variety of professional products for sensitive skin to promote the solution of sensitive skin problems. It is also from the attention of many parties, the emerging market of sensitive skin is rising, and the professional classification, expert insights and related trends behind it have attracted strong market attention.

Sensitive skin is a state of high reactivity of the skin to the external environment under physiological or pathological conditions. It is clinically manifested by subjective symptoms such as burning, tingling, itching and tightness when the skin is stimulated by physical, chemical and mental factors, and is subjective in nature.

The proportion of domestic sensitive skin group is about 45%, which is equivalent to nearly half of all people with related problems.

Interaction of intrinsic and extrinsic factors The skin barrier function is impaired under the interaction of internal and external factors, causing sensory nerve increased afferent signals, resulting in increased skin response to external stimuli This leads to an increased skin response to external stimuli, resulting in an immune inflammatory response.

External factors

①Physical factors: ultraviolet light, season, temperature difference, etc.

②Chemical factors: cosmetics, air pollution, etc.

③Medical factors: external irritant drugs

Internal factors

①Hormone level: puberty, staying up late, physiological period, etc.

② mental factors: work pressure, emotional changes, etc.

Three common misconceptions about sensitive skin care:

①Intolerance ≠ no skin care

"The traditional perception of sensitive skin is that you can't use skin care products, and this concept needs to be corrected; there are also a significant number of consumers who believe that using glycerin can solve skin sensitivity problems, which is also incorrect. Glycerin is only a moisture-absorbing agent and cannot play the role of repairing the skin barrier. In addition, people with sensitive skin also need daily sun protection and can choose physical sunscreens."

②Sensitive skin ≠ skin allergy

"Sensitive skin is a skin condition that is highly reactive to the external environment, while skin allergy is a disease, and people with sensitive skin are prone to forming "hormone face" by inappropriate use of hormone drugs.

③Overdoing it with light medicine

"People with sensitive skin should not follow the trend when choosing products, and should first focus on whether the product is developed for sensitive skin, and then consider which of the The second thing is that people with sensitive muscles need to choose products/ingredients that can be used in a streamlined manner, and they should not choose too many effective ingredients. The use of more effective ingredients should not be too much, and the use of products overlapping need to be cautious."

For sensitive skin care, our advice are

① Scientific skin care.

Daily skincare for people with sensitive skin is essential, such as proper care, sensitive problems does not necessarily occur.

"Sensitive muscle daily skin care need to pay attention to whether the product is developed for sensitive muscle, sensitive muscle The product development in the composition and formulation design has taken into account the intolerance of sensitive muscle patients The nature of the product has been prioritized to ensure safety."

②Treating the symptoms.

When people with sensitive skin are in a sensitive skin condition, timely and proper care treatment is essential.

"Sensitive skin has a certain subjective nature, a clearer differentiation of symptoms and an objective understanding of The skin condition of your own skin is conducive to the long-term care of sensitive skin, while in the daily skin care process The skin is not to be overburdened with too many products/ingredients."

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