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Skin's super favorite ingredient: Ceramides

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Nowadays, there are more and more choices of skincare products, especially now that skincare ingredients have become a topic of more concern. The price of the skincare product is higher than the price of the skincare product, now many people are more concerned about whether the ingredients of the skincare product is safe, whether it is consistent with their own skin.

The current very popular ingredient "ceramide", we talk to you about the skin super useful "ceramide" in the end what is? After reading you will know!

First of all, we need to understand some skin care ingredients, such as niacinamide: whitening and spot removal; peptide: anti-aging and spot removal; amino acid: hydration and moisturizing; vitamin B5: repair and soothing.

So what exactly is the function of ceramide? Actually ceramide it is moisturizing, ceramide is a kind of natural moisturizing factor, which is an important composition of lipids in the stratum corneum.

Many people think that the main role of ceramide is to repair the skin and anti-aging, in fact, no, the main role of ceramide is to moisturize, protect the skin barrier damage, improve the skin's tolerance ability at the same time to maintain the skin moisture maintenance, maintain the normal hydration of the skin.

There are four main effects of ceramides:

① Moisturizing effect

The moisturizing effect is the most basic role of ceramide, which is also the main component of the lipids that make up the stratum corneum of the skin. It can help repair the skin barrier and make the skin soft and shiny, and sensitive skin is more suitable for using skin care products containing ceramide.

② Barrier effect

For sensitive and hormonal skin, skin repair is important, especially when the skin becomes fragile and sensitive and prone to redness and itching, this is the time when ceramide is needed to maintain the skin. Ceramides are sufficient to resist external stimuli and can play a natural skin protection role to keep the skin barrier from being damaged.

③ Anti-allergic effect

Sensitive allergic skin also needs the help of ceramides, which can help thicken the stratum corneum, enhance the tolerance of this skin, resist the invasion of the skin by external harmful substances, and can effectively prevent the occurrence of allergies, and at the same time can repair redness and redness of the skin to play the role of repair.

④ Anti-aging effect

Although it is said that ceramide is not anti-aging, it is because it is not the main anti-aging ingredients, the main role of ceramide is moisturizing, repair and anti-aging are secondary.

Ceramides in the case of skin hydration, the skin to maintain moisture can also make the skin look healthier, full of moisture skin naturally more shiny and at the same time also play a anti-aging and anti-oxidant effect.

Ceramides are a very important ingredient in our skin care, and for people with sensitive or dry skin, ceramides can help protect our skin against damage and strengthen the skin's defenses.

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