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Rosemary extract

As a water-soluble food antioxidant, rosmarinic acid can be used in animal and vegetable fats, dairy products, oil-rich foods, confectionery and baked goods to replace tert-butyl hydroxyanisole and tert-butyl p-cresol. It is also used as a spice for various soups and seasoning foods to improve taste. Protect the color of the beverage, and have bactericidal and antibacterial properties.

Botanical name: Rosmarinus officinalis
Specification:Carnosic acid,rosmarinic acid,ursolic acid 2~30%
Appearance: Brown powder
Test method:HPLC

1.Used as spice in seasonings, meats, baked foods.
2.Used as antioxidant and antiseptic used in lipids, dairy foods, oily foods, confections, baked foods, protect from deterioration and fading.
3.Used in water-soluble foods, beverage, drinks, aquatic products for antioxidant, antibacterial and antiseptic.
4.Widely used in cosmetics,possess astringency, tighten skin, help maintain elasticity and luster of skin.

5.Used in medication & health care, ease the nerve, calm the emotions, relieve stomach symptoms, such as greasiness, vomiting, flatulence, stomachache, relieve rheumatism and alleviate the pain, regulate catamenia. adjust blood pressure.

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