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OnenessPoint sets sail Green biomanufacturing ushers in industry newcomers

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Currently, synthetic biology leaps to new development and has a wide market space. Under the development of synthetic biology, the chemical industry is expected to get rid of the import dependence situation with synthetic biology technology.

Meanwhile, green biology manufacturing is one of the key development industries for building a strong science and technology country, which has great potential for emission reduction and is expected to crack the problem of green sustainable development.

Therefore, the synthetic biology industry has a historic development opportunity and is widely used in many fields such as medical and health, chemical, agriculture, food and consumer products. According to research data, the global synthetic biology market will reach $6.8 billion in 2020, up 28.3% year-on-year. As the core technology continues to change, the scale of synthetic biology industry is expected to further expand rapidly, and the global synthetic biology market size is expected to maintain a high CAGR of 22.5% from 2020 to 2025, exceeding USD 20 billion by 2025.


OnenessPoint was officially established in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province on January 20, 2022, relying on the development of synthetic biology and green biomanufacturing in China as well as its own extensive technology accumulation in synthetic biology component library, strain library, enzyme engineering technology, gene editing technology, metabolic network design technology, high-throughput strain construction and screening technology.

As a rapidly developing synthetic biology high-tech enterprise, OnenessPoint relies on its own technological advantages, with the concept of "for the realization of a sustainable and better life for human beings", and is committed to using science and technology to develop disruptive green bio-manufacturing processes and produce innovative and sustainable bio-based products, while providing comprehensive technical and service support for the whole industry.

The company is committed to developing disruptive green bio-manufacturing processes using science and technology to produce innovative and sustainable bio-based products, while providing comprehensive technical and service support for industry-wide upgrading. Focusing on high-growth market segments, the company is science-driven and customer-centric, aiming to develop and produce sustainable bio-based products, relying on its own R&D intelligent platform and high-efficiency strain R&D platform, providing full-chain solutions in various fields, empowering the bottom upgrade of industrial raw materials, cracking the sustainable development problems faced by human beings, and creating a high quality, green, recycling and sustainable future life.

Science and technology drive the development of enterprise innovation

The intelligent R&D platform of OnenessPoint is a next generation synthetic biology R&D platform aiming to be a world leader.

The platform will not only realize high-throughput and low-cost biological system construction and testing process through automated equipment, but also realize the digitalization of the whole process of synthetic biology design-construction-test-analysis cycle through self-developed database and workflow management software platform, and further transform the human thought process data accumulated in the analysis and design process into an intelligent process, gradually realize highly intelligent and flexible autonomous iterative operation, and finally realize an intelligent platform that is much higher than the existing human R&D capability after several years.

At this stage, OnenessPoint is led by a number of scientists and experts in the field of synthetic biology and brings together high-level complex talents from well-known synthetic biology research institutes at home and abroad, such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Delft University of Technology, Tsinghua University and Beijing University of Chemical Technology, to focus on the technology development and application of synthetic biology. We allow biologists, chemists, data scientists and hardware and software engineers to work together to integrate workflow and data flow to complete innovative product development and production with higher efficiency.

In the future, OnenessPoint will continue to be market demand-oriented, based on solving the needs of the industry, to drive high quality development by scientific innovation, to integrate high standards and high quality into R&D and production, quality control, corporate management and industrial layout, to provide advanced and sustainable bio-based products and marketable services to industry customers and global partners, to lead the way to sustainable development, and to become a global synthetic biology company in the whole industry chain, with the ultimate goal of achieving green and sustainable human development.

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