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OnenessPoint's leading R&D lab platform

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The Nanjing R&D laboratory of OnenessPoint, which was built and put into operation, is committed to building a leading R&D laboratory platform in the field of synthetic biology in China, and has purchased many advanced equipment and instruments from home and abroad, including fermenters, constant temperature and humidity incubators, ultra-micro spectrophotometers, multi-functional gel image analysis systems, membrane separation equipment, high performance liquid chromatography and other professional equipment. equipment. The laboratory will provide sufficient power for the development of product pipeline and can realize the R&D of high value cosmetic and food ingredients such as terpenoids, as well as the production of small and pilot products and the testing of cosmetic ingredients, while meeting the requirements of the whole process of R&D such as gene editing, strain screening, expanded culture, fermentation, separation and purification.


The operation of Nanjing R&D lab is a solid step for OnenessPoint to accelerate the product pipeline development and consolidate the platform and industrialization construction.

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