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​New Concept Beauty Ingredients

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There are some newer concepts of beauty ingredients that are gaining attention in the market, and today we will briefly discuss some of them.

Skin Microecology

1. Probiotics - food for microorganisms

Activate the growth of probiotic bacteria on the skin and inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria through competitive inhibition, thus balancing the skin microflora.

Inulin, oligosaccharides, etc.

2. Probiotics - live microorganisms

For example, the metabolites include vitamins and anti-inflammatory molecules that our skin needs, etc. Most "probiotic cosmetics" are inactivated bacteria

Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, Yeast

3. postbiotics - metabolites of microorganisms

The products of metabolism of probiotics cultivated directly in vitro, which can have a direct positive effect on the skin

Amino acids, organic acids, nucleosides, phospholipids

Neurocosmetology (emotional skin care): emotions have a degree of influence on the condition of the skin

1. oxytocin: hormone related to happiness

2. Beta-endorphin: hormone related to pleasure

Anti-aging and firming

1. BASF Slim-Excess™ Hydrolyzed Red Algae Extract

2. DSM SNY®HYCAN tetradecylaminobutyryl valinyl butyrate urea trifluoroacetate

Cellular autophagy: degrades melanin vesicles and reduces melanin content in melanocytes

Circadian rhythm: key differences between skin activity during the day and night

Recent studies have found that various physiological functions of the skin are regulated by circadian rhythms, including skin barrier function, skin blood flow, sebum secretion, DNA repair, skin surface temperature, and skin keratin-forming cell proliferation rate.

Environmentally sustainable: assessing the sustainability of raw materials in all aspects

These new concepts of ingredients will gain greater market recognition in the future, and OnenessPoint will discover more possibilities in the beauty ingredients market with you!

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