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Innovation and Development--Nanjing Laboratory of OnenessPoint was officially put into operation

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October 20, 2022, OnenessPoint's parent company, YaoSynBio Technologies (Nanjing) Co, (hereinafter referred to as " YaoSynBio ") has officially completed and put into operation its 1500 square meters synthetic biology laboratory in Jiangbei New District, Nanjing. The completion and operation of YaoSynBio 's Nanjing R&D laboratory marks the full process of YaoSynBio 's future transformation, editing, screening and fermentation of strains in small and pilot trials, and also provides strong support for the continuous optimization, efficiency improvement and speed up of industrialization of product pipeline by using multiple synergistic technology platforms.



Several leaders of the district, founders of investment institutions and experts in synthetic biology were invited to witness the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the establishment of the Nanjing R&D lab of YaoSynBio.


Ribbon cutting ceremony scene

The partners expressed that during the interaction and communication with YaoSynBio, they deeply felt the excellent ability and experience of the company in the work of product development, scale up production and marketing, as well as the complementary advantages and cooperation of the interdisciplinary team. Now, YaoSynBio has formed a relatively complete and differentiated synthetic biology technology barrier, which can complete the cycle of synthetic biology design, construction, testing and other processes very efficiently, and realize the rapid construction and optimization of product manufacturing process. At present, the development and industrialization of several products of YaoSynBio are progressing at a high speed. The opening of the Nanjing R&D lab today marks a brand new stage in the development of YaoSynBio. Hope that YaoSynBio will stick to its original intention, deepen the differentiation advantages of its own platform, promote the industrialization of its products quickly and efficiently, and truly take advantage of the green and cost reduction advantages of synthetic biology.

After the launch ceremony, the guests visited the company and its laboratory, and communicated with each other about the future layout of the company. At present, under the leadership of Prof. Shi Shubo, the co-founder and vice president of R&D of YaoSynBio, and the hard work of the R&D team, each product pipeline of the company is progressing steadily and making breakthroughs and achievements one after another.

The successful completion and operation of Nanjing R&D laboratory is a solid step for YaoSynBio to accelerate the product pipeline development and consolidate the platform and industrialization construction. In the future, YaoSynBio will continue to take market demand as the guide, based on solving industrial needs, driving high quality development by scientific innovation, integrating high standard and high quality into R&D, production, quality control, enterprise management and industrial layout, providing advanced and sustainable bio-based products and marketable services to industry customers and global partners, leading the way to sustainable development, and striving to become a global synthetic biology company in the field of the whole industry chain. We are committed to become a global synthetic biology company with the ultimate goal of achieving green and sustainable human development.

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