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Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed extracts are industrial derivatives from whole grape seeds that have a great concentration of vitamin E, flavonoids, linoleic acid, and OPCs. Typically, the commercial opportunity of extracting grape seed constituents has been for chemicals known as polyphenols, including oligomeric proanthocyanidins recognized as antioxidants.

Product Name:  Grape Seed Extract

Botanical Name: Vitis vinifera

Used Part: Seed

Active ingredients : Polyphenols; OPC(Oligomeric Procyanidins) ; Vitamin E,   Flavonoids, Linoleic acid

Specification: 95% OPC

Test Method: UV,HPLC

Appearance: Fine Red Brown Powder

CAS No.: 84929-27-1

Molecular Formula: C30H12O6

Molecular Weight: 468.4


1. Laxation, which will facilitate water.

2. Relaxating muscle.

3. Antibacterial, such as inhibiting staphylococcus aureus, salmonella typhi and escherichia coli.

4. Increasing platelet and fibrinogen, which will help stop bleeding.


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