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Excellent antioxidant: ergothioneine.

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In today's networked beauty era, the trendy efficacious ingredients can be described as the latter wave chasing the former wave, the fairy fight. The end result is that they are "on fire", either led by a major brand, or promoted by the scientific community, or by Netflix.

In the world of anti-aging, there are vitamin C and vitamin E carotenoids, then there are fullerene myostatin astaxanthin, and now the popular boswellin and the promising ectoin, consumers have more and more choices.

Here is not to say how good the new ingredients must be or how stable the classic ones are, but I hope you beauty lovers will have more choices. And this time what we are going to get is also an anti-oxidant ingredient that has been brought up by a big brand - ergothioneine.

1. What is ergothioneine?

L-Ergothioneine (EGT) is an antioxidant amino acid that was first discovered by Charles in 1909 in ergot mushrooms and later in mushrooms and cyanobacteria.

Ergothioneine is widely found in some mushroom foods, and it is also found in the mushrooms we eat (matsutake) and monkey head mushrooms.

2. What is the anti-oxidant power of ergothioneine?

There are many studies on ergothioneine in improving aging skin, focusing on three major areas: antioxidant, anti-UV and anti-inflammatory.

Ergothioneine is transported to the mitochondria, an important "energy factory" for life activity, through OCTN1, a transport protein on skin cells (understood as a gate), to perform antioxidant functions, thereby inhibiting DNA damage and effectively protecting against UV damage.

It also has the ability to scavenge free radicals, reduce lipid peroxidation, and promote the body's own antioxidant enzymes (such as the famous SOD), so its antioxidant power is not bad.

Protection against UV damage

One of the macroscopic manifestations of UV damage is cell proliferation inhibition and death. Ergothioneine mushroom extract can effectively restore the proliferation inhibition of keratinocytes (HaCaT) caused by UV light.

Scavenging free radicals

Ergothioneine has excellent free radical scavenging ability, and its scavenging performance against UV-induced reactive oxygen species (ROS) radicals and DPPH radicals is not bad.

Ergothioneine is often used as a "helper ingredient" in combination with other anti-oxidant and whitening ingredients to add a finishing touch.

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