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Ergothioneine, the "king" of antioxidants

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What is ergothioneine?

Ergothioneine is a rare natural oxidant, a substance that activates cells. Although it is very effective, our body cannot synthesize ergothioneine itself, but can only ingest it from the diet through its transporter protein OCTN1. That external source is usually consumed in mushrooms, which contain the highest purity of ergothioneine.


Ergothioneine is a body dominant, to protect and maintain the biological activity of other antioxidants in cells (such as VE, VC and glutathione), he does not get easily depleted himself while antioxidant.

Ergothioneine is patented in the protection of mitochondria, which can penetrate deep into the energy factory [mitochondria] inside the cell and then play the antioxidant function. Mitochondria produce energy and consume oxygen every day, and there are too many free radical wastes, and ergothioneine can clear them. In the field of biology, the ability to clear superoxide anions is seen as a key indicator of antioxidant capacity.

Ergothioneine also protects the body from rapid oxidation of vitamin C and can restore the activity of vitamin C, bringing the body's vitamin C back to life and maintaining or increasing the level of vitamin C in cells and organisms.


✔ Eliminates excess free radicals

✔ Protects mitochondria from damage

✔ Is a super antioxidant

✔ Resists ozone attack on self-explosion

✔ Plays a protective role for cells

✔ Protects DNA from UV-A damage

✔ Reduces MMP-1

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