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Ectoin will definitely bring surprises to the whole cosmetic market.

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Excellent water molecule conjugation ability - isolating the source of irritation

Ectoin is a cyclized amino acid derivative, its ring structure has strong electronegativity and good hydrophilicity, which can make water molecules oriented around it and change the spatial arrangement of water molecules, and also organize the surrounding amino acid derivatives to form a stable hydration shell around the cell, which can maintain the osmotic pressure balance and reduce the excessive evaporation of water from the inner cell, which is equivalent to adding a shield on the A protective shield is added on the outside to increase the cell's resistance to attack and to ensure that the molecules inside the cell can function normally.

Ectoin can effectively protect Langerhans' cells (Langerhans' cells are important immune cells of the skin, located between the keratinocytes of the skin surface, which protect the skin against microorganisms, UV rays, allergens, etc.) from external stimuli. bitopAG data show that 0.5% Ecdysone can protect Langerhans' cells of UV-irradiated skin from damage.

Can repair UV damage - keep the skin young

The damage of UVB on skin mainly lies in the long-term exposure to UVB will lead to pigmentation, triggering skin sunburn, redness, allergy, itching, and easy to lead to skin discoloration; secondly, long-term UVB exposure will also lead to skin aging, skin loss of elasticity, sagging and roughness, accelerating the aging of the skin. Human immortalized epidermal keratin-forming cells HaCaT were irradiated with certain doses of UVA and UVB, and the cells were treated with different concentrations of Ectoin after irradiation to investigate whether it has a repairing effect on UV irradiation damage by examining the level of cell proliferation. The test results showed that Ectoin could significantly repair the cell damage caused by UV, with 0.5% of Ectoin restoring cell activity to 89.2% and 2% of Ectoin restoring it to 98.7%, almost eliminating the damage caused by UV.

Improve the skin's ability to lock in water - skin is hydrated and glowing

Generally, adults lose about 240-480mL of water per day from passing through the skin surface, but if the stratum corneum of the skin is severely damaged, the water loss can increase up to 10 times more than normal. Ectoin molecules are small and highly soluble in water, and diffuse rapidly into the cell interior, promoting the aggregation of water molecules and reducing the proportion of free water. The cyclized structure of Ectoin molecules results in a dense distribution of surface charges and the formation of hydrophilic electron clouds, thus, Ectoin has excellent water binding ability.

Inhibit the release of anti-inflammatory factors - anti-inflammatory, soothing and stabilizing

Tumor Necrosis Factor-α (TNF-α) is a pro-inflammatory Ectoin that is involved in normal inflammatory and immune responses, mainly produced by activated monocytes and macrophages, and functions in vivo as transmembrane TNF-α (tmTNF) and secreted TNF-α (sTNF). TNFα receptors are divided into two types (TNFR I and TNFR II) and are present on the surface of many types of cells. Binding of TNFα to TNFR usually causes apoptosis, inflammation and tumorigenesis, etc. The expression of TNF-α in culture supernatant was quantified by stimulating cultured mouse macrophages with LPS to investigate the inhibitory effect of Ectoin on the release of inflammatory factors. The test showed that Ectoin had a good inhibitory effect on the pro-inflammatory factor TNF-α in the concentration range of 0.5%-2.0%, and therefore could reduce the damage to the skin caused by inflammation.

Improve the degree of wrinkles - hide the signs of age

Age brings not only gray hair, but also eye lines, the appearance of which is proof that you are on the aging echelon. To prove whether Ectoin have wrinkle-reducing effects, researchers recruited subjects aged 45-60 years and applied a placebo and 0.5% ecdysteroid cream around the eyes twice daily for 28 consecutive days.

The experimental data proved that the wrinkles after using 0.5% Ectoin cream had negative values in depth and volume roughness, indicating some improvement of wrinkles, while the wrinkles with placebo cream showed positive values, which shows that Ectoin can effectively improve the surface condition of the skin and has a significant effect on wrinkle removal.

OnenessPoint believes that in the future, Ectoin will definitely bring more and more surprises to the whole cosmetic market.

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