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Ectoin - the all-round superhero in the skincare world

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Ectoin What kind of ingredient is it?

In 1985, Professor Galinski discovered desert salinity bacteria in the Egyptian desert, which, under high temperature, dryness, strong UV exposure and high salinity, produce a natural protective ingredient, Ectoin, in the outer layer of cells, thus enabling self-repair.

Besides deserts, this bacterium is also found in saline lands, salt lakes and seawater, and can give a variety of storytelling properties.

In brief, ectoin is an amino acid derivative that is an extreme enzyme component. Extreme electrolytes are protective molecules with very small stresses that protect extreme microorganisms and plants from harmful environments such as salt lakes, hot springs, ice, deep sea or deserts under extreme conditions of high salt, high temperature and high UV radiation, thus preventing damage.

When Ectoin was first discovered and used in various medications such as eye drops, nasal sprays, etc., one can imagine the effectiveness and safety of the ingredient.

Moisturizing Powerful hydration ability

Ectoin is a strong water structure-forming agent, which can be interpreted as it is surrounded by a strong water shield, and moisturizing and locking water is one of its major specialties.

From all the information, in fact, Ectoin has an extremely outstanding efficacy when used in skin care products, essentially or it has a very strong role of binding water molecules. When we say that moisturizing is the first priority, it is right to put it on the side of Ectoin: the ultimate moisturizer is the miracle cure-all.

Strong water molecule capturing and complexing ability

Ectoin, as a highly saline bacterium, does not die of dehydration in a high salt environment, mainly because of its unique ring-like molecular structure, which gives it a strong water molecule complexing ability. One molecule of Ectoin can complex four or five water molecules, which can structure the free water in the cell.

Because there are many states of water in the cell, the more hydrogen bonds between water molecules, the more water molecules are close together, and these water molecules can protect various proteins and DNA in the cell, which is equivalent to the formation of a "water shield".

And ectoin, the ability to combine water molecules is super strong, it can help form a water shield, use water to block all the damage, and belong to the physical defense Oh!

Water Shield Protects the skin immune system

As a result, the cell damage caused by various surfactants is significantly reduced with the addition of ectoin.

It is the equivalent of cellular base protection, no matter what kind of cells you have, no matter what kind of damage you have, with this water shield, a strong protective shield can be formed on the skin (even at the cellular level) anyway.

Protection Protects against UV rays

In fact, this "water shield" has a little-known effect - activating heat shock proteins to protect against UV rays, while having a repairing effect on the skin!

Research shows that:

1. Ectoin has a miraculous effect on repairing cell DNA damage caused by UV rays, it can effectively reduce the generation of sun-damaged cells and prevent cell membrane structure from being damaged.

2. Ectoin has good repair effect on increasing cell repair ability and repairing cell DNA damage caused by UV rays, and it has good repair effect on photo damage and photo aging brought by UV rays.

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