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Ectoin, a new favorite in the skin care world

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It is also called "salt-tolerant bacteria extract" because it comes from the highly saline bacteria in the salt of Uyuni, the "mirror of the sky" in Bolivia.

Ectoin is derived from highly saline bacteria, which live in an extremely harsh environment - high temperature, dryness, strong UV radiation and high salinity. Its most basic function is to preserve water.

Its unique molecular structure makes it a strong water subcomplex, which enables the skin to continuously improve its ability to lock in water, reduce skin damage caused by dehydration, and achieve long-lasting moisturization and nourishment.

Its own super water locking ability and special structure make it have strong water subcomplexation ability, one molecule of ectoin can combine 4~5 water molecules.

Ectoin, a treasure ingredient, still has such a fried water retention capacity in extreme environments, not to mention light and high temperature, strong acid and alkaline PH environmental changes, no matter how it is made, it can maintain its stable nature and protect our skin.

External stimuli include the stimulation of ultraviolet light, and we usually say that the prevention of blue light stimulation, in addition to PM2.5, infrared, dust pollution, radiation and other stimuli of these seven or eight, all included.

These are the pollutants that the general sunscreen absolutely can not protect, (otherwise it would not be divided into sunscreen, anti-blue light, radiation and so on so many kinds of isolation) Ectoin but they can be isolated from all of them.

Since Ectoin is an amino acid extracted by fermentation of extremophilic microorganisms, there is almost 0 allergy as well.

Ectoin forms a "water shell" on the skin. This water shell protects the skin from UV rays, air pollution, and chemical irritation, and can improve the skin's protection against many types of environmental damage.

As a new favorite in the skin care industry, Ectoin is rapidly being used in high-end skin care products because of its powerful skin care benefits.

Many high-end skincare products consider Ectoin to increase skin "tolerance" and to help reduce sensitivity and irritation as the skin gains benefits.

To sum up, a skincare product with ikedoin added at 1% can have multiple effects such as anti-aging, repairing skin damage and resisting external irritation at the same time.

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