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Ectoin: Amazing moisturizing ingredient(2)

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The main effect of ectoin is focused on defensive protection and repair for external environmental stresses. This includes cold and hot temperature stress, external physical stress, chemical substances such as soap base, surface activity stress, bacteria, viruses, allergen stress, extreme dry conditions, climate change, air pollution stress, UVA/UVB/HEV/IRA full band photoaging stress. Ecdysone has a very clear mechanism of action and in vitro, cellular models and human efficacy data.

The all-round repair from the outermost part of the epidermis to the inner part of the skin tissue cells is reflected in the promotion of stratum corneum hydration to lock the three-dimensional cluster water and restore the stratum corneum barrier; the enhancement of the skin's autoimmune system and the protection of damaged cell membranes; the inhibition of cellular DNA molecular repair by anti-allergy and inflammatory factors; and the anti-photoaging and anti-premature aging effect brought by the repair of the full-wave skin protein glycosylation by daytime sunlight.

Ectoin is a strongly hydrophilic substance. These small amino acid derivatives bind to the water molecules around them and produce the so-called "Ectoin hydroelectric complex". These complexes then surround cells, enzymes, proteins and other biomolecules again, forming a protective, nourishing and stable hydration shell around them.

One molecule of ectoin can complex four or five water molecules, which can structure the free water in the cells, reduce the evaporation of water in the skin, and make the skin moisturizing and water-holding ability improve continuously. Of course, its most excellent ability, not only this, ikedoin can effectively enhance the immune protection ability of skin cells, increase the cell repair ability, so that the skin can effectively fight against the invasion of microorganisms and allergens, for skin peeling, redness, fever and other sensitive conditions can play a good repair effect, accelerate the recovery of skin health.


Ectoin is a powerful orderly substance with a very simple yet effective protective mechanism that forms a protective shell around cells, enzymes, proteins and other biomolecules. Several clinical studies by scientists have confirmed the cell-protective, nourishing, anti-aging and substrate stabilizing effects of ectoin. Due to the presence of the protective shell, skin cells are "armed" and have a better "resistance to attack" and are less likely to be stimulated by external irritants, thus reducing inflammation and damage reactions.


Ectoin enhances the immune protection ability of skin cells and has outstanding effects on various damages to skin tissues, removal of acne, acne, small defects after mole removal, peeling and redness after peeling and skin burns caused by the use of fruit acids, etc., repair of epidermal damage after grinding, etc., improving thin skin, roughness, scars and other The skin is restored to smoothness and smoothness.


Ectoin is an excellent moisturizer. It can moisturize and hydrate Improve skin microcirculation, promote hyaluronic acid synthesis and secretion, promote the synthesis and secretion of extracellular hyaluronic acid, glycoproteins and other macromolecules, enhance the hydrophilicity of skin, and maintain moisture within the skin.

The "miracle repair ingredient" can be said to be the biggest affirmation given by the industry to Ectoin. For cutomers with normal skin type and sensitive skin, this ingredient is well worth a try.

OnenessPoint  uses synthetic biotechnology to ferment the production of ectoin, which is of high quality and also has cost advantages, and we look forward to your inquiry!

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