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Ectoin: Amazing moisturizing ingredient(1)

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Where did Ectoin come from

Ectoin, an amino acid derivative with the chemical name "tetrahydromethylpyrimidinecarboxylic acid," was first isolated in 1985 from a special bacterium, Bacillus salinarum, in the saline desert of Egypt, Africa. Ectoin is an effective ingredient from a highly saline bacterium, and is an important substance for saline bacteria to maintain the osmotic pressure balance, so it is also called "salt-tolerant bacteria extract".

In an environment with high salinity and high osmotic pressure, cells can easily lose water and die. In order to cope with this situation, the desire to survive has led salophilic bacteria to evolve the ability to use the most basic amino acid (aspartic acid) to synthesize a class of substances on their own that can both balance osmotic pressure and lock water in the body, which is the origin of ecdysone.

Miracle repair ingredient, the savior of sensitive skin

After continuous in-depth research by scientists, it was found that ikedoin, an ingredient, not only has strong anti-stress and very good repairing power, but also has been proven to be an effective ingredient in repairing the skin barrier. When the skin barrier is damaged, the skin's absorption capacity is very weak resulting in poor condition. Ectoin builds a strong protective layer of water molecules in the skin, which strengthens and restores cellular functions, stabilizes the skin barrier, restores and regulates water content.

Ectoin does a good job of helping the skin lock in moisture and maintaining a good growth environment for the cells, while at the same time helping to restore the skin barrier and keep the skin healthy and hydrated. Not only does it efficiently block sunlight and blue light, it also protects against airborne pollutants and allergens. In addition to repairing, moisturizing and protecting, ectoin also activates the skin's Langerhans cells, stimulating the skin's self-repairing ability and enhancing the immune protection of skin cells.

To confirm the defense-repair effect of ecdysone, the protective effect of ecdysone on cell membranes was tested with red blood cells. Red blood cells were treated with a solution containing surfactant, and if the cell membrane was damaged, then the hemoglobin inside the cell was released. This experiment really proved that ecdysteroids are effective in reducing cell membrane damage. The effect of ictodine at 2% and 5% levels, respectively, was simultaneously applied to the skin after washing. After washing the skin, the moisture loss was significantly reduced compared to the skin without ectoin, and the function of defense and repair barrier protection was significant.

In the next article, we will introduce the application of this amazing moisturizing ingredient.

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