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Centella asiatica extract - a miracle ingredient for cosmetics products

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The skin care ingredient we are getting to know together today is Centella asiatica, an ingredient that should not be unfamiliar to anyone and is very widely used in skin care products today. Centella asiatica, also known as tiger grass, is an herb that grows in tropical and subtropical regions. Legend has it that tigers always repair and heal their wounds effectively after a battle because they will find snow grass in the forest after rolling and rubbing in contact with the leaf juice can soothe and promote wound healing.

Do you know the four key ingredients in Centella asiatica extract?

1)Centella Asiatica glycosides -- improve water-oil balance and help collagen synthesis

2)Hydroxy Centella Asiatica Glycosides - anti-inflammatory and calming, skin regenerating effect, improves skin texture

3)Centella Asiatica - strengthens skin barrier, calms sensitive skin, antioxidant effect, improves skin elasticity

4)Hydroxy Centella Asiatica - calms fatigue, repairs damaged skin

To summarize, the efficacy of Centella asiatica is divided into these 5 areas:

① Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic - Centella asiatica extract can inhibit LPS-induced inflammatory response, can effectively reduce lgE levels and inflammatory cytokine release, inactivate macrophages in the skin, thus reducing skin inflammation and atopic reactions, and in human efficacy experiments, by analyzing the percentage of red areas, the percentage of wrinkles, and the comparison of cheeks and (i) In human efficacy experiments, it is known that Centella asiatica extract has the effect of reducing redness.

②Promote wound healing -- Centella Asiatica extract can stimulate fibroblast proliferation and activate SMAD signaling pathway, increase l-type collagen production, thus having wound healing activity, as well as reducing the formation of stretch marks, stimulating granulation production, helping epidermal regeneration, and helping connective tissue production.

③Moisturizing - increases the degree of hydration of the stratum corneum and effectively enhances the skin's ability to retain water.

④Acne Removal -- can dissolve the outer wax film of bacteria, with antibacterial properties, anti-inflammatory and acne removal, skin conditioning, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and mites on the skin surface, and enhance the role of skin immune regulation.

⑤ Whitening - can significantly inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, effectively reduce melanin content and whiten the skin.

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