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Cellular Anti-Aging Solution Pathway

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1. Intracellular molecular level changes

1) DNA: Replication and transcription are inhibited, telomeric DNA is lost, mitochondrial DNA is specifically missing, DNA is oxidatively cross-linked by free radicals, and methylation is reduced

Solution pathway: DNA protection; mitochondrial repair: Ergothioneine

2) Protein: protein homeostasis is disrupted, synthesis decreases, intracellular proteins undergo modification reactions such as glycosylation, and free radicals denature proteins by cross-linking. Solution pathway: maintenance of protein homeostasis key proteins (ubiquitin-proteasome/accelerated scavenging, autophagic lysosomes)

3) Enzymes: oxidative inactivation of active centers, loss of metal ions Ca2+, Zn2+, Fe2+, etc., changes in secondary structure, solubility, isoelectric point of enzyme molecules

Solution path: enhance cell signaling

2. Overall changes inside and outside of cellular aging

1) Lipids: unsaturated fatty acids are oxidized, causing cross-linking between membrane lipids or with lipoproteins, and membrane fluidity is reduced.

Solution path: repair oxidized biofilm

3. Changes in the extracellular environment

1) ECM damage

Solution path: Reconstruct ECM, maintain cellular communication environment

2) Increase in inflammation level and zombie cells

Solution path: Alleviate inflammation levels

3) Increased levels of oxidative stress

Solution path: Alleviate oxidative stress and environmental stress

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