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Can Ectoin become an evergreen ingredient?

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In recent years, under the "domination" of Vitamin A, Hydroxypropyl tetrahydropyrantriol, Peptides and other anti-aging ingredients giants, Ectoin has a breakout trend. The "leader of the skincare industry", "miracle ingredient", "all-rounder", "guardian of the skin barrier", etc. The last time I saw these ingredient labels in focus was on the "all-rounder" niacinamide. 


The reason behind the ability of Ectoin to be a hit, to be in the circle of various platforms, and to continuously cause a consumer boom is that the high-end ingredient Ectoin is a product of the cutting-edge technology of "microbial fermentation", with stable and long-lasting ingredient activity, a natural skin barrier guardian king, and an effective builder of the skin microenvironment.

The product of Ectoin, which is created by OnenessPoint, starts from the goal of building a good skin microenvironment, and adopts green microbial fermentation and biosynthesis technology to realize the high purity of the product while greatly reducing the disadvantage of high raw material cost in the past, which enables enterprises and consumers to use higher purity, better quality, safer and more efficient products at a lower price.

According to the R & D engineer of OnenessPoint: Ectoin as a highly popular efficacious ingredient in the market, we use cutting-edge technology to constantly break through the technical research and development barriers, from the screening and construction of the underlying strain, to the design and optimization of the microbial chassis, until the final fermentation production; we strive to do the best at every step and present the best products to our customers.

"From the strain screening of Ectoin, we all know familiarly that the discovery of Ectoin comes from the salt-loving bacteria in the salt lake of Wadi Natron Desert in Egypt, but in fact, in many high-salt lakes and saline lands, such as the Charkhan Salt Lake in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and Qinghai regions in China and the natural crystalline salt lake with the 'mirror of the sky ' the natural crystalline salt lake - Chaika Salt Lake, which has the reputation of 'mirror of the sky', are found to be salinophilic bacteria, and also excellent wild strains for the production of Ectoin. Through multi-dimensional fine testing and analysis of different strains' data, OnenessPoint compares and researches the data of different strains, and with the unique intelligent strain automation transformation technology, optimizes and transforms the excellent strains, making the Ectoin products more competitive in the market from all dimensions after mass production."

As a natural moisturizing factor, Ectoin's powerful and long-lasting moisturizing and repairing ability can quickly relieve the problem of skin hydration and luster; hydration and moisturizing is an important foundation of skin care, and Ectoin is precisely an expert in this area, through strong hydration and stabilizing repair of the skin, forming a natural skin barrier on the surface of the skin, effectively resisting external damage caused by external natural environment such as strong light and ultraviolet rays to the skin, skin It can build a good skin microenvironment and truly make beauty from the inside out.

At present, OnenessPoint's Ectoin products are widely used in the fields of skin care, color cosmetics application and baby care. In the future, OnenessPoint will continue to rely on the company's strong R&D background and resources, as well as its core technology and advantages in microbial fermentation, to explore and promote more and better application scenarios of Ectoin, the all-round "king" of skin care and "builder" of skin microenvironment. We will push the all-round "king" of skin care and "builder" of skin microenvironment to more market applications, so that more people can use better quality, safer and more efficient products, and truly make beauty from the inside out.

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