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Beauty Industry 2022 Annual Strategy ReportBeauty Industry 2022 Annual Strategy Report

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The overall growth of the medical cosmetics industry is solid, Q3 sector has been adjusted

The segment's leading performance still maintains a high growth rate, valuations have continued to climb since the beginning of the year, and valuations have been adjusted back in 21Q3. 21Q3 cosmetics social zero year-on-year growth rate of 2.2%. The majority of stocks in the medical cosmetics sector since the second half of the year showed negative returns, due to the impact of tightening regulatory compliance, medical institutions fell more significantly compared to cosmetics, cosmetics sector in the majority of stocks up and down with the industry

Most of the stocks in the cosmetics sector have a clear relationship with performance, and the market is more demanding on the level of profitability.

Medical beauty industry chain high prosperity, low penetration rate, tightening regulation of high-quality leading continued to benefit.

Medical beauty industry chain segmentation track multi-point flowering, light medical beauty continues to be hot, multi-factor-driven medical beauty market size and penetration rate continue to improve. The market share and concentration of the head standardized institutions is increasing due to the increasing demand for medical beauty from consumers. Hyaluronic acid is the most popular light medical beauty items, the competition is fierce national products continue to rise.

Collagen with support, repair, moisturizing, whitening and other multiple effects, industry concentration is low, for high potential segmentation track.

The cosmetic industry chain focuses on certainty and key links, and the segmentation track is blossoming

The boom continues with the rise of the national trend. From channel-driven to product- and brand-driven, efficacious skincare and color cosmetics track is growing faster. Traffic decentralization, the growth rate of the Tao system channel is slowing down. Amoy system traffic growth slows, social media e-commerce platforms represented by Jitterbug, Racer and Xiaohongshu become new opportunity points for traffic. Efficacy, IP into the domestic cosmetics breakthrough must choose. Cosmetics industry policies promote the industry tends to develop in the direction of high quality, efficacy track is favored by capital, the industry demand inflection point appears, from ensuring product safety to to effective.

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