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Aloe Vera Gel Powder


Product name: Aloe Vera Powder
Latin Name: Aloe vera L.
CAS No.: 1415-73-2
Molecular forula:C21H22O9
Molecular Weight: 418.39
Active ingredients: Aloin
Specification: 10% 20% 95% 98% 10:1
Use Part : Leaf
Appearance: brown green fine powder
Mesh size:80 Mesh
Test Method: HPLC


1. Food: Food additives, beverages ( functional beverages, fruit and vegetable beverages, dairy beverages, alcohol beverages, etc. ), canned food, dairy products, etc.
2. Health articles: Tablets, capsules, oral liquid tonic, medicine to be taken after being mixed with boiling water, wine, etc. and other health articles of does type with associative efficiency.
3. Aesthetic nursing and commodity for household and personal care chemicals: Cosmetics of suntan, fleck and acne dispelling, hand and skin care; products of skin cleaning, moisture and other products such as liquid shampoo, hair conditioner, bath foam, hair waving chemical, shaving chemical,depilate chemical, etc.
4. Drugs: Anti-cancer drugs, traditional anodyne, spray set of emergency treatment, hemorrhoids curing, scar dispelling, etc.
5. Sanitary accessories: Diaper, napkin, disinfectant, liquid soap, etc.


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